I love Canada for its diversity,  acceptance of everyone,  peacefulness, safety, the healthcare system,  its beauty, education and so many other reasons.

I see Canada as a country where people from all over the world come to live and share there culture with others. From food, clothing, religion, life lived experiences, language, and skills. We get to experience other countries in our own country without even having to travel. Another great thing about Canada’s diversity is Quebec. If you would like to learn another language, all you have to do is move to beautiful Quebec, it’s Canada’s French speaking province.

Canada is  accepting of others, and a peace loving country.  Canada is a country that is accessible to all immigrants without judgment of race, religion, or beliefs. All Canada’s laws apply equally to all persons. There is a sense of peacefulness  in Canada. I feel safe in Canada. I don’t fear when I go to sleep at night,  or when I’m out living my daily life routine. I think Canada’s  mission statement should be: Land of Peace and Free Thinking.

Our healthcare system is great. It’s reliable, clean,  safe, accessible to all. Excellent care is provided from amazing nurses, support staff and Dr’s. And medication is easily accessible.

Canada is beautiful. We have four seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall. Each season is amazing, the changing of temperature, the colors of the landscape, the smells, the various activities for different seasons. The wildlife and nature land is plenty. We have deer wandering in our yard. Eagles and hawks flying above us. Owls hooting, coyotes, and so many quail. Hiking trails in lots of forested areas, beautiful aqua colored Okanagan lakes, and the ocean. Wineries, and delicious fruit orchards,  gardens and so much more.

Canada has great quality education, pension plans, many social programs, and low employment rate.

Living in an amazing country like Canada there is plenty to be greatful for, and this is why I love Canada.



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