Walking=😀Body Mind Soul


Walking feels good.
-Walking signals the brain to add endorphins to the bloodstream reducing anxiety, stress (Merissa in Simple Living) and creating a sense of well-being.

Walking is amazing for overall health.
-Fresh air(great for the lungs).

-Movement (good for circulation).
-Great for skin health.

-Heart health (lowers bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, decreases risk for stroke).

-Decreases risk for diabetes (maintains blood sugar levels).
-Bone health (vitamin D from the sun).
-Maintains muscle tone.
-Great for your mind (walking linked to decrease risk for cognitive impairment-Dementia. Dr. James Aw HuffPost Living Canada).

-Brain function (improves brain performance)

Going for a walk is also like therapy.

-Being in the moment, outdoors and surrounded by nature (birds chirping, deer walking about, lovely trees, ocean, ….)  brings a sense of calm, peace, and a better outlook of life.

When I am in a grumpy mood (not always☺) but sometimes. You know those days everything seems to go wrong. (I won’t go into details because we all have our own story of a bad day…). That’s when I go for a longer walk. By the time I return from my walk, the grass is greener, flowers appear more colorful and pretty, and I hear the birds chirping.

Try it, go for a walk, it’s free☺.


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